Roger Stringer
412 Maurice Street, Penticton,BC V2A 5V9

Roger is a Skilled full-stack developer and devOps engineer with over 5+ years of hands-on experience supporting, automating, and optimizing mission critical deployments in Docker, leveraging configuration management, CI/CD, and DevOps processes.


2018-2020 Imagely LLC Senior DevOps Engineer

Maintained the company’s infrastructure, which I migrated from a standard web server setup divided between Digital Ocean, Vultr, Rackspace and Kyup to a Docker cluster setup on Google Cloud Console, and handled serverless setup on AWS as well using serverless and Claudia.

Also designed and developed a Terraform / Kubernetes-based platform to host their SaaS hosting service which used WordPress multisite, Google filestore and Google Cloud Storage as well as MySQL cluster and Redis.

This included using Go to write several utilities such as gocachefs which is a fuse-base filesystem that provides a caching layer between local and remote filesystems, and a quorom service that handles switching between kubernetes pods in an active/passive cluster to determine which pod is master or slave based on site availability.

2015-2017 Clevertech Senior DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, I was on the front line in keeping sites reliable and stable, and worked with developers and clients to make sure all needs were met. Including jumping in and coding as needed on projects, and also developing internal tools.

Maintained git repositories for company projects and set up automated testing and deployment using either Travis-CI or Jenkins

Using either Ansible, Helm or Terraform, set up environments on either EC2 servers or docker hosts (ECS, docker cloud, or later kubernetes) for continuous testing and deployment of various client projects.

Worked heavily with AWS and its infrastructure.

2014-2014 Twilio Contract Developer / Contract Author

Worked on the Twilio Skills project, which involved planning, writing content and building demo apps to teach developers how to use Twilio in various ways ranging from: handling incoming and outgoing calls for IVRs, conference calling systems and call centers, as well as handling sms messaging

Also designed and built an MMS Whiteboard app to display on a giant 55 inch touchscreen monitor and that could send sketches to cell phones using MMS for the AWS re:Invent 2014 conference in Las Vegas, also traveled to the conference and worked the Twilio booth to provide technical expertise and sign copies of my books.

2012-2014 Copter Labs Lead Web Developer / Systems Admin

Worked on WordPress sites and mobile apps for various clients such as Intel. Projects varied from WordPress themes and plugins with integration of payment services to membership sites and iOS and Android apps.

Managed company servers and git repositories.

2010-2013 Vericorder Technology Lead Application Developer / DevOps Engineer

Development and maintenance of various web apps, as well as managing servers. This included integration between the various other libraries and APIs ranging from company’s iOS and web apps.

Acted as team lead to other team members and liaised with members of other departments that were involved in new products

Noteworthy Personal Projects


Flybase is a web site that uses PHP, node.js,, and a custom-built database to provide a real-time datastore and push events.

The Site runs on a kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean using Docker containers and load balancing to handle high amounts of traffic and processing.

CI testing and deployment are handled using Travis-CI before being deployed to dev or prod based on branches.

Graduate of the 2017 YC Startup School Founder Track (SUS17) online program

Personal blog, running on Wordpress with all media stored on S3 and statelessly deployed to Digital Ocean onto a Kubernetes cluster.

Twilio Cookbook (First and Second Editions)

The first (and second) books written about Twilio via Pakt Publishing.

Real-time Twilio

A short ebook that assembled a collection of blog posts I wrote for related to using Twilio and Flybase together.

Decoding Kubernetes

A soon to be released ebook on understanding Kubernetes and creating clusters, organizing containers and creating multi-site environments. Also covers various CI tools that can be used for deployment to insure quality.

Decoding GraphQL

Also soon to be released ebook on using GraphQL for work, including setting up GraphQL servers and client projects, talking to various APIs and building a complete CMS system.


1997-1998 Keyin Technical College Software Design and Development

Bachelor degree course in Software Design and Development.